AQUATECH 2021 in Amsterdam


Thank you so much for visiting AQUATECH AMSTERDAM 2021.

Meeting people face to face after such a long time and having interesting conversations. Even though the exhibition was a little smaller compared to the years before, we are very happy with the response of the visitors on our booth in hall 1.

This year we met many professional visitors on our booth and informed them about our filter media

  • EVERZIT® N - Anthracite Filter Material for dual media filtration
  • EVERZIT® Mn - for catalytic manganese removal
  • EVERZIT® As - for adsorption of arsenic, cadmium and copper
  • EVERZIT® Carbonate - for deacidification or remineralization after RO process

We look forward to seeing you again in two years at AQUATECH Amsterdam 2023!