Earning recognition as the leading manufacturer of anthracite filter media, we have produced EVERZIT® N filter media, a special anthracite grade refined by proprietary technology and modern processing equipment, for more than 50 years.

Our portfolio of water treatment products also includes all commonly used filtration, adsorption and deacidification media.

We operate our own delivery service (within Germany only), ensuring prompt delivery of all products to swimming pools and facilities of all types.



Natural anthracite, produced in Germany, in conformance with EN 12909 for single-layer and multi-layer filtration.

In comparison to other anthracites, EVERZIT®N has extremely high purity and shows outstanding resistance to abrasion.

EVERZIT® Filter Materials

Anthracite, activated carbon, manganese dioxide, quartz sand, quartz gravel, ferric hydroxide, dolomite and calcium carbonate.

Used in multi-layer filtration units for particle filtration, iron removal, manganese removal, adsorption and deacidification.

Arsenic removal

EVERZIT® As , a granular ferric hydroxide filter media, based on iron (III) hydroxide oxide.

Due to its high chemical activity, EVERZIT® As is ideally suited for adsorption of arsenic and other heavy metals.

EVERZIT® N - Time-Proven Anthracite Filter Media Used Worldwide

Meanwhile, multi-layer filtration with EVERZIT® N has become common practice on all continents. The consistently good quality of the raw material, the accurate design and the year-long very good use in practice guarantee the efficient operation of existing and future filter systems with EVERZIT® N.

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