Semi-calcined dolomite filter media in accordance with EN 1017

EVERZIT® Dol is a filter media manufactured from natural dolomite (CaCO3 ⋅ MgCO3). It is primarily used for groundwater deacidification. Semi-calcined dolomite is formed by thermal decomposition which is precisely controlled to convert only the dolomite's magnesium carbonate component to magnesium oxide. The resultant filter media is significantly more reactive than e.g. pure calcium carbonate or even non-calcined natural dolomite.

Grain sizes

0) 0.5 - 1.2 mm
I)  0.5 - 2.5 mm
II) 2.0 - 4.5 mm

Other grain-size ranges can be supplied in accordance with your specific requiremants.
Please feel free to contact us!

Quality and purity

EVERZIT® Dol complies fully with the following standards and regulations:

  • EN 1017
  • German Drinking Water Ordinance 2023
  • DVGW work sheet W 213

Chemical and physical characteristics

CaCO3approx. 68 %
MgO approx. 25 %
CaO approx. 1.0 %
MgCO3 approx. 5.6 %
Specific density approx. 3.3 g/cm³
Bulk density approx. 1100 kg/m³
pH value approx. 11

Features and benefits

  • Homogenous porous grains with rough-textured surface
  • Natural mineral refined by purely thermal treatment
  • High reactivity
  • Easy to handle
  • Problem-free transition when EVERZIT® Dol replaces similar media used in existing filter systems


EVERZIT® Dol is used in single-layer filters or dual media filters for removal of dissolved aggressive carbon dioxide. Neutralization takes place up to attainment of calcium carbonate/carbonic acid equilibrium. Besides neutralization the process also realizes increased water hardness.

Additional beneficial effects of filtration with EVERZIT® Dol include:

  • Removal of suspended particulates
  • Iron and manganese removal 
  • Increased water hardness due to mineralization with MgCO3 und CaCO3

Application sectors

  • Drinking water treatment
  • Process water treatment

Packaging and delivery

  • 25 kg PE bags
  • 1000 kg big bags
  • Bulk transport in silo trucks